Peperomia Polybotrya - Peperomia 'Rain drop'

Peperomia Polybotrya - Peperomia 'Rain drop'

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Common Name: Peperomia Teardrop, Rain Drop Plant 

Family Name: Piperaceae

Approximate Height: 6" - 12"


  • Foliage: Drak Green with little white/yellow dot in the middle of the leaf
  • Blooms: White to light green flowers in a cylindrical, tail-like shape.

Light Requirements: Medium to bright light. Morning light is best as the afternoon sun can be too harsh on the leaves. This plant also grows very well in fluorescent or LED light.  

Water Requirements: The Rain Drop Peperomia stores water in its leaves and stems meaning it does not need much water. Watering too much could lead to root rot. Only water when the soil is almost completely dry and water thoroughly.