About Us

Our Story | Who are we, how did we begin, and why?

Ottawa Plants bloomed out of the opportunity to continue to grow the plant community here in Ottawa! Built by a group of local, certified horticulturalists, our mission is to make buying and caring for plants easier. We want to set our customers up for success with the highest quality plants and easy to follow care instructions. 

Our roots are here in Ottawa and it's important to us to serve our city with great greenery. With over forty years experience supplying commercial Ottawa, our team realized that individuals did not have a plant purchasing option online. The ability to shop online allows you to find the perfect plant for your home or office, with a better understanding of the plant's required care instructions.

Our Plants | Why buy from us online?

Our team ensures high quality, low cost plants. We curate our inventory of plants from growers. This allows us to offer the freshest stock of plants, all grown from the seed with care. Our plants are sustainable because of the care they receive right from the start of their life. 

The size of plant we display online is the size you will receive, that's a guarantee! We ensure what you order online is what you receive. We do not have a physical location for pick up or viewing. Instead our store, stock, and inventory is showcased online. This allow you to thoughtfully browse our plants and plant care guides to find the best plant for your space! 

Our Services | What can we do for you?

We have a fresh supply of plants ready for order. Whether you are looking for one or several plants, our team will provide you with an impeccable experience! On our online store you are able to browse our plant catalog to choose the perfect plant for you! If you are looking for multiple plants to keep your home or office continually fresh and on trend, sign up for our subscription program! Our seasonal planter program offers seasonal planters installed and delivered on a one time or quarterly basis! 

Ottawa Plants delivers right to your home, apartment or office. We provide delivery for individual orders, delivery and installation as part of subscription program, and custom landscaping. Our team delivers your order within 5 - 7 business days. We will schedule a delivery time with you a couple days in advance to ensure you are available. We want to get your order right to your hands at a time that is convenient to you. 

To learn more about our custom landscaping service, contact us here