Hoya Krohniana 'Black Leaves'

Hoya Krohniana 'Black Leaves'

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Common Name: Heart-Leafed Lacunosa or Wax Flower

Family Name: Apocynaceae

Approximate Height: Grows as a vine


  • Foliage:  Rare wax plant with dark green to almost black/brownish hue 
  • Bloom: The center of the flowers has a yellow tiny perfectly shaped star and the rest of the flower is white in a cluster 

    Light Requirements: Medium - (bright light - bright indirect light). The more fleshy leaves like the Hoya Krohniana and Kerrii can withstand full sun. Placing them in a south-facing window or under a small grow light is perfect. Please note that some Hoya leaves may redden due to sun stress. When this occurs make sure to give the plant a break from the sun as it can permanently damage the plant. 

    Water: Only water them once the soil is thoroughly dry as they prefer to be drier than other plants. Once the soil is very dry, thoroughly water to ensure water went to the base of the pot.