Fittonia Albivenis - 'Skeleton'

Size: 3.5"/4"
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Common Name:  Nerve plant

Family Name: Acanthaceae

Approximate Height: can grow up to 12" tall with proper care


  • Foliage: Green leaves with pinkish/red veins
  • Blooms: Small yellow flowers.

Light Requirements: Medium to bright indirect light. North or east facing room will work well. If in a west or south facing room, make sure it isn't too close to the window as too much light can cause the leaves to scorch.

Water Requirements: Prefers moist soil and will "faint" if allowed to dry out but will recover quickly when watered. repeated "fainting" will take a toll on the plants health, avoid letting the plant get too wet or sit in water as that will cause the leaves to yellow and die.

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