Cement Face Pot

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This charming planter features a modern, minimalist design with a serene face carved into the cement, adding a touch of personality and art to your plant collection. With dimensions of 6.9" in diameter and 6.1" high, it perfectly fits a 4" pot, making it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized plants. Crafted from durable cement, this pot ensures stability and longevity with a neutral gray tone that complements any decor style. The pot is designed with a drainage hole to prevent overwatering and promote healthy root growth. Whether you're showcasing succulents, herbs, or decorative foliage, this pot provides a stylish and functional home for your greenery. Special Order* this distinctive piece to enhance your botanical display, offering a blend of contemporary design and natural beauty. Ottawa Plants' Cement Face Pot is the perfect choice for plant enthusiasts looking to add character and charm to their space.

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