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The most important thing when it comes to being a plant owner, is making sure your plants can survive. There are a couple of tips and tricks you need to keep in mind when planting and potting your plants. Repotting and planting provides your plant with the right environment to continue to grow and more importantly, stay alive. 

Soil Mix | Create the the right environment 

Different plants need different growing environments. Determine which type of soil your plant needs to be potted in. If a plant is potted in the wrong type of soil, it can die. Planting your new plant in the right soil mix is the most important step in potting your plant.

To prevent wasting soil mix, buy a plastic container to seal it in. Putting your soil mix in a plastic container will retain moisture so it does not dry out. We recommend buying similar species of plants when you begin as a new plant owner. This means you do not have to buy different types of soil for each plant you buy. You can use the remaining soil mix from your previous plant for your next one! 

Planter Pot | Size matters 

Every plant is unique. Not only do plants grow in different soil mixtures, but they have different planter size preferences. The material of a planter does not matter as much as size, but a planter's material can play a role in your plants ability to grow. For example, a glass vase can grow algae and mold if it is too wet which can stunt the growth or kill a plant. 

Buying a planter pot requires a bit of research before hand. This will help you know what size planter to buy. Use our plant care instructions and guides. This will help you determine how wide and the deep a planter you need. Some plants grow better when they are root bound, such as an orchid or snake plant (sansevieria). These plants like to be in tightly enclosed planters. In fact, a snake plant can grow a flower if it's planter pot fits perfectly. Tall plants with skinny bases, require deep but not very wide planter pots. Other plants, such as the Zz plant (zamioculcas) can double in size in under a year and therefore needs a wider than deep planter. 

Adjustment | Planting adaptation 

One very important thing to do with your plant is take it out of it's nursery planter and repot it. Nursery planters are great and can simply be placed in a planter. However, we think it is good to understand your plant's ecosystem to properly care for it. The best way to do this is by planting your new plant, learning about your plant's soil mix, and whether it grows from roots or bulbs will give you better insight into how to care for it!

Repotting your plant will adapt your plant to a new environment and be able to settle within a couple months. Most plants will experience transplant trauma, but they quickly adapt when planted in the right soil mixture, when watered properly and have the right amount of light. Water and lighting requirements are included in all of our plant care instructions. When repotting your plant it it is important to adjust it from it's old environment to it's new environment. Loosen the roots of your plant, gently shaking away old soil mix. This allows the roots to absorb it's new environment's nutrients and properly adapt. Once you do this, plant your plant in place, and cover it's roots and/or bulbs. 


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