Tradescantia spathacea 'Sitara's Gold' - aka Rhoeo Golden

Size: 4"
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Common Name: Moses-in-the-Cradle or Boat Lily

Family Name: Commelinaceae

Approximate Height: 6"-18" tall and they grown in clumps 


  • Foliage: Leaves are golden with green stripes and a purple tone underside
  • Blooms: Small white flowers (usually during the spring and summer season)

    Light Requirements: Bright indirect Light. Does well in kitchen or bathroom as they thrive in humid environments. 

    Water: Water when the first 2-3" of soil becomes dry. Water thoroughly and allow to drain. During the summer month you can expect to water the plant 1 to 2 times a week. In the winter the plant goes into a dormant season and drink a lot less water so watering will be more around once every 2 weeks. 


    Note: Rhoeo Golden Plant is considered to be toxic for pets and humans as well and causes symptoms like lip swollen, eye irritation, and stomach aches if ingested. It is suggested to wear gloves when handling the plant. 

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