Aloe 'White fox'

Size: 4"
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Common Name: White fox Aloe

Family Name: Asphodelaceae

Approximate Height: 6"


  • Foliage: Green with white variegation

Light Requirements: Bright indirect light. This Aloe is particularly fond of sunny positions. More light will increase the white variegation. Does best in a south facing room but will also do well with a west facing window. This is not a low light plant.

Water: Because aloes are succulents, their bodies hold a lot of water. So, even if the soil seems too dry, you are probably okay: the aloe has some water in storage. Unlike other houseplants, the aloe keeps water in its leaves, not the soil until it needs it. It therefore seems like your plant runs out of water before it actually does.  Because of the anatomy of the aloe plant, it can easily be overwatered. Allow soil to dry completely and for the bottom leaves to feel "less plump" before heavily watering and allowing to dry.

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