Repotting your Zz Plant


The Zz plant grows fast and is very easy to care for. The Zz plant does not require a lot of light and can go without water for long periods of time. The Zz plant does not need a lot of light and therefore can do well in any type of space! With good care, the Zz plant can grow quite quickly. Stems grow taller and new buds appear frequently. Whether you are looking to repot your overgrown Zz plant, to restructure the display of stems, or to reduce it's size, we'll guide you through every step of the way! 

You will only need to repot your Zz plant every couple of years. It does not hurt the Zz plant to restructure and propagate when it's required. Every 8+ months is ideal, but largely depends on how quickly it grows and how developed the Zz plant is. 

Repot | When and Why? 

If your plant has grown 1/2 an inch from the planter's rim, you can either condense your Zz plant and use the same planter, like we do in our video, or buy a larger planter to allow your Zz plant to continue growing. You can divide your Zz plant into smaller plants and planters as well.

If your Zz plant looks like it needs to be reset, repotting in the same pot will be best. The Zz plant's stems can grow quite large and begin breaking off the bulb if the stem is becoming too heavy. A stem breaking off from the Zz plant's bulb, may prevent that particular bulb from reproducing. If you see a Zz plant stem look like it is damaged or effecting the growth of the rest of your Zz plant plant, repotting your plant will establish a more secure environment for your Zz plant to continue to grow. 

While repotting you will have a chance to find potential dead bulbs or damaged stems and remove them or propagate. Repotting your Zz plant is a good opportunity to clean up and re-establish strength in your Zz plant. For the purpose of this video we transplanted our Zz plant out of the same planter pot to show you how to clean up your Zz plant if it begins looking too overgrown and stems leaves begin looking weak. 

Propagate | When and Why? 

Propagation of a Zz plant should only be done every once and a while. If you too regularly remove branches you can stunt the growth of your Zz plant. This is because the Zz plant produces new rhizomes and they need to fully develop before you can propagate. If you try to propagate a Zz plant before it is fully developed it may effect the parent plant or bulb. Only propagate fully developed Zz plant stems, that have a minimum of two leaves.  


Step 1: Use and remove stems  

Loosen the soil around the rim of your planter pot and begin removing soil into a bowl, bucket or another planter. Carefully dust the soil off around the Zz plant's rhizomes to loosen the roots and remove your Zz plant from the planter. If you are only removing one stem for propagation, use a sharp, clean knife to cut the stem from the joining nod or rhizome. 

Step 2: Cut and trim stems 

If repotting, you will notice some Zz plant stems fall away from the rhizome either naturally or from the weight of the stem. If the stem looks like it can have a clean break from the rhizome, gently pull the stem off with your hands. If required, use a sharp, clean knife. If the bottom of the stem has white colour to it and looks healthy you can stick it directly in water, after brushing away excess soil. If the stem is damaged, cut away the brown, damaged part of the stem and place the fresh stem in water. 

Step 3: Place in water 

Once you have removed any soil and damaged stems, place damaged or naturally broken away stems in room temperature water. It will take several weeks before your Zz will begin rooting. Once it has began to root, you can plant your Zz plant in the same planter with the rest of your Zz plant or in a new planter to grow on it's own. Our Zz plant propagation video will be coming soon, stay tuned!