Propagating your Monstera Plant

The Monstera is often propagated by stem cuttings. You can begin propagation one of two ways. The first, and most common, is to root Monsteras in water. Place your Monstera leaves in water. The alternative is re-potting the stem cuttings into soil. We will show you how to propagate your Monstera in both water and soil, including results and timelines so you can determine which way suits you best! The great thing about Monstera's is that they root very easily and therefore you do not need a root hormone to grow and multiply your Monstera plant. 

Water Propagation 

Step 1: Remove Monstera Stems

Monstera's are easy to over water. If this happens, this is a great opportunity to propagate. This will save the dying off stems. Cut the black part of the stem away, ensure there is not any brown left in the stem otherwise it may damage the rest of the stem and may not re-root. If you are propagating your Monstera as an experiment or to quickly multiply your Monstera plant, you can remove the most bottom stems from your Monstera plant using a sharp, clean knife. Find a stem growing out of another stem, with a short aerial root below it. Aerial roots are where stems grow other stems, creating a v shape. Just below the aerial root, cut a small notch about one third of the stem's diameter.

Step 2: Place your Monstera Stem in Water 

After you have cut away the black or brown damaged part from your stems or your stems from your Monstera, you will wash them off and place them in a glass or vase of room temperature water. You will leave your Monstera stems for a full 24 hours. 

Soil Propagation